Rishi Kapoor’s last film “Sharma Ji Namkeen” has released and melted millions of hearts.

Rishi Kapoor's last film is released 2 years after his demise. 

Sharma Ji Namkeen is the story of a retired man who tried to follow his passion for cooking, but his son didn’t like it. But the twist is something else.

The shooting of the film was stopped due to the sudden demise of Rishi Kapoor & the biggest obstacle was who will match this legend’s level.

Ranbir Kapoor was tried to play Rishi Kapoor’s role in the movie but he couldn’t touch that level.

Then the makers selected Paresh Rawal for the role of Rishi Kapoor after much deliberation, and he played it so perfectly.

Sharma Ji Namkeen is one such movie in which 2 people have played the same character.

Sharma Ji Namkeen is Rishi Kapoor’s last film released on 31 March on Amazon Prime.

Along with Rishi Kapoor, Satish Kaushik, Juhi Chawala, Taruk Raina, Shiba Chaddha, and Isha Talwar worked in this movie.

One should watch this film, it is the movie that will teach you how to live life, the importance of friends & family.