For the rejuvenation of SOIL India took an important step a few days back.

This great initiative is taken by a proponent of spirituality and a yoga GURU, Sadhguru. 

The main purpose of this movement is the reinstallation of the organic content in the soil about 3-6%.

Because soil with 3-6% organic content can be considered fertile soil. 

And we humans destroyed the fertility of soil very rapidly by disturbing soil's natural structure.

We do not have much time, so we have to rectify our mistake and rejuvenate the soil.

To spead the awareness across the world Sadhguru initiated the Save Soil Movement.

To make this movement more effective, he took another drastic step.

He started a 30,000 km bike journey across the world on 19 March 2022 from Bermingham.

Ths journey will last for 100 days and will end in India.

Sadhguru is 65 years old, yet he took the risk of riding a bike continuously for 100 days.

Because it is a serious topic of concern, Sadhguru is still in the Bike Jurney.

We all should understand the importance of soil and give your support in this movement. 

To know thoroughly about The Save Soil Movement in India.