Everyone knows the name of Nupur Sharma; the BJP spokesperson.

Because of her statement in a TV debate, she is in the news for the past some days.

The debate was about the religious agenda which everyone knows.

After this statement of Nupur Sharma, the whole world is talking about her.

And those who feel that there is no mistake in Nupur Sharma's statement, are also supporting her and many are condemning her.

BJP has also expelled her from the party because according to everyone Nupur has insulted Islam.

In many places in the country, people of the Islamic religion are protesting against Nupur.

Nupur Sharma is even getting death threats from so many countries.

Here we are sharing some lesser-known facts about Nupur Sharma.

Nupur Sharma belongs to a Brahmin family and was born on 23 April 1985 in Delhi.

Nupur Sharma is associated with politics since her college days in Delhi University.

Nupur was the president of the DU Student Union on the ticket of ABVP.

Nupur also went to London for the degree of LLM.

In 2009, Nupur Sharma was featured by Hindustan Times among India’s 10 most inspirational women.

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