Pravin Tambe is the oldest player to debut in IPL in the age of 41 years.

Pravin Tambe made a mistake that cost him his career in IPL.

In 2020, Pravin Tambe took a part in a cricket league in Dubai, without BCCI's permission.

No player can play cricket in foreign cricket league without BCCI's permission.

So, BCCI disqualified Pravin Tambe to play in IPL.

Pravin Tambe was at his peak in performance at that time.

A movie is released on Pravin Tambe's life - "Kaun Pravin Tambe"

Shreyas Talpade played the role of Pravin Tambe in that movie.

kaun Pravin Tambe is released on Disney+ Hotstar on 1st April, 2022.