The Flash is set to on 23 June 2023 but Why is Ezra Miller being replaced?

Ezra Miller's embroilment in controversy has raised many questions about The Flash.

The Flash is a Warner Bros Production film, and now the production company also is in a difficult situation.

In such a situation, there is a possibility that Ezra Miller will be replaced in The Flash.

If Ezra Miller is replaced then people want to see these following actors in The Flash.

Grant Gustin - Best known for his roles as Barry Allen / The Flash on the CW series.

Lucas Till - Also appeared in the first three X-Men prequel films.

Dylan O'Brien - Best known for his action film The Maze Runner trilogy.

Dacre Montgomery - Best known as Billy Hargrove in The Stranger Things.

Austin Butler - Best known for his Musical Drama Elvis.

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