It is heard that Elon Musk has temporarily halted the Twitter acquisition deal.

The deal was worth about $44 billion, and the deal was closed.

After this deal, Elon Musk will become 100% owner of Twitter, but…

Now Musk tweeted that the deal is temporarily on hold.

But what is the reason behind Musk’s tweet?

This is all about Spam accounts/fake accounts/bots.

Elon Musk strongly said that he will make Twitter a completely bot-free platform.

He said just after the Twitter deal announcement: We will defeat the spam bot, or die trying.

According to the reports, Twitter's CEO said that Twitter has less than 5% bots

but now Musk is saying that the Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal will have to publicly prove that Twitter has less than 5% bots.

This is the main reason why Elon holds the deal for now.

He tweeted and said that he still wants to acquire Twitter but this clarification is needed.

Let's see what happens next?

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