The lead singer of the legendary rock band “The Saints”, Chris Bailey has died.Here we are sharing some interesting facts about Chris Bailey.


Legendary singer Chris Bailey is not originally from Australia, He was born (1957) in Nanyuki, Kenya, and grew up in Northern Ireland.


At the age of seven, Chris’ family shifted to Brisbane, Australia.


Chris Bailey was studying at Corinda State High School, where he met Ed Kuepper and Ivor Hay. They became best friends.

The Saints

Chris Bailey started the famous rock band “The Saints” with his 2 best friends Ed Kuepper and Ivor Hay in 1973.


The Saints came into headlines in 1976 when they launched the classic punk anthem "(I'm) Stranded". It was the first hit from The Saints.

Top 30

(I'm) Stranded became the top 30 most listened songs at that time.


List of Bailey’s Solo Albums:-

- Casablanca (1983) - What we did on our holidays (1984) - Demons (1991) - Savage Entertainment (1992) - 54 Days at Sea (1994) - Encore (1995) - Bone Box (2005)

End of the Journey

Chris Bailey died on 9 April 2022, confirmed by the co-founders via social media.