Bengali actress Pallavi Dey found dead at her rented appartment.

Pallavi Dey was found hanging in her apartment on Sunday.

Pallavi Dey is known for working in some Bengali serials.

Some of them are 'Kunja Chhaya', 'Resham Jhapi' and 'Mon Mane Na'.

Pallavi had rented this appartment in Sarfa, South Kolkata on April 24.

She lived with her live-in partner Shagnik Chakraborty.

Pallavi Dey was first seen hanging by Shagnik Chakraborty.

The police are also treating it as a case of suicide but...

Everything will be clear only after the postmortem report comes.

Pallavi Dey was just 21 years old and was become quite popular because of TV serials.

Pallavi Dey's suicide reason remains a mystery until the postmortem report comes.

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