Adidas Sports Bra Ad Campaign Got Banned! But Why?

Here are the reasons -

Adidas launched a sports bra advertising campaign in February.

The purpose of that ad was to promote Adidas sports bras that can fit into all sizes and shapes of breasts.

The Adidas sports bra campaign featured pictures of bare breasts.

Adidas claims that their new sports bra has 43 styles, so everyone can find the perfect fit for them.

ASA has banned that Adidas Sports Bra campaign for showing nudity on public platforms.

ASA is a London based Advertising Standard Agecy.

ASA took the action after receiving 24 complaints against  this ad.

Adidas has also uploaded a poster showing 25 different types of sizes, colors and shapes of breasts.

Later, Adidas said that all the images of the models are taken by their permissions.

And they cropped the images to protect the indentity of the models.

Adidas said that we are showing breasts as a part of body, not for objectifying women.

What do you think?

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