Vijay Verma Lost His Sweat After Seeing Kareena Kapoor's Acting On Jaane Jaan Set.

On 21 September, Kareena Kapoor’s film “Jaane Jaan” has been released.

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This day was also the birthday of the film's lead heroine Kareena Kapoor.

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After the release of Jaane Jaan on Netflix, lead character Vijay Verma shared his experience of working with Kareena Kapoor.

I had trouble sleeping at night because I saw how Kareena changed her whole demeanor with a slight change in her eyes.

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“There is a scene in the film, where she is looking at me in a special way and is singing. As soon as that scene came, I started sweating” - He added.

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Vijay Verma is so impressed with Kareena Kapoor's excellent acting skills.

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The film Jaane Jaan is a crime thriller and also features Jjaideep Aahlawat.

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