If you are into cryptocurrency you must be aware of Crypto Wallet.

It is a type of wallet that is used to trade cryptocurrencies.

One of the most popular crypto wallets is Metamask.

So whenever you create a crypto wallet you get a secret phrase.

That secret phrase is very important for you to save it in a very secure place.

If you lost your secret phrase anyone can transfer all of your cryptos to their wallet.

So, it is advisable not to store your secret phrase in your computer and never ever on Google Drive.

The best place to secure your secret phrase is a physical locker.

Just write your secret phrase on a piece of paper and put it in your locker.

Another best place to secure your crypto wallet is a crypto hardware wallet.

It looks like a Pendrive but is more powerful than a Pendrive.

It is one of the best secure ways to save your secret phrase.

Most people make the mistake of saving their secret phrase in Google Drive.

That is not a secure way because if your email gets compromised you will lose everything.

So, be aware of scams and hacking.

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