Why Sharks Are So Interested In A Kabadi Business?

Scrap Uncle is a brand that promises the best value for your scrap whether it is Paper, Plastics, Metals. or Appliances.

Image Credit: Scrap Uncle

The founder of Mukul Chhabra called Scrap Uncle a Modern Day Kabadiwala.

Basically, on Scrap Uncle digital platform you can schedule a pick-up for your scrap.

Image Credit: Scrap Uncle

Scrap Uncle employees collect the scrap at your doorstep and weigh your scrap accurately through digital weighing machines.

Image Credit: Scrap Uncle

You instantly get your payments with valuable rates (can check rates on their website).

Image Credit: Scrap Uncle

This scrap is sent for the recycling, and they ensure the whole process is eco-friendly.

Image Credit: Swapeco

Scrap Uncle founder Mukul Chhabra will also appear on Shark Tank India and asked for 60 lakhs in the exchange for 3% equity.

Scrap Uncle in Shark Tank India got deal with Amit Jain for 60 lakhs in the exchange for % equity.

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