PM Modi Launches Rojgar Mela: Biggest Job Opportunity?

PM Modi started Rojgar Mela on 22 October 2022 for 10 lakh job recruitments.

According to Rojgar Mela, 10 lakh people will be hired by December 2023.

75,000 appointment letters have already been handed over to deserving candidates.

In the Rojgar Mela, PM Modi mentioned that the Government of India would hire lacs of people in the upcoming months.

People who are selected during this Rojgar Mela will join 38 ministries or departments of the Government of India.

If you are a job seeker, here is the biggest opportunity for you to get a job in this Rojgar Mela.

India is changing, we are all growing as a country. India has now become the world’s 5th economy. Soon, we will become number one.

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